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Electrical Services


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IFM Group has an experienced team of electricians ready to tackle your project whether it's big or small. From LED lighting upgrades, full site compliance checks, to wiring a new machine, we have you covered.

In addition, IFM can customize and install renewable energy solutions and can provide air conditioning installation and servicing.

IFM's Electricians have the knowledge and expertise to ensure all jobs are completed in a timely and tidy manner, complying with all standards and regulations.

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Solar Systems

With governments worldwide pushing towards zero emissions, now is the time to get IFM to fully customize your renewable energy solutions. Whether you’re in Perth or remote WA, our team of solar experts can have your site running on solar in no time. No matter how big or small your needs are, IFM will design a system for you, including a full case study showing you the expected results. Our solar team will always ensure the ultimate quality, safety, and industry standards.

Air Conditioning Installation and Servicing

Weather you need air-conditioning in your site office, switch room or entire office block, IFM can design and install a solution for the most difficult of applications. Additionally, IFM can carry out routine checks to ensure your air-conditioning is both hygienic and odour free whilst ensuring longevity for you cooling or heating solution.

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