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Industrial Plumbing


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IFM Group have a diverse plumbing division and over 30+ years combined industry experience. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure all jobs are completed on time first time, complying with all safety regulation and industry standards.

We currently maintain, test and service plumbing & piping infrastructure, on many large industrial plants and commercial premises, as well as installation of all their plumbing requirements.

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Water Services

IFM can coordinate and carry out the design, installation and maintenance of any water service, including scheme, fire, bore or other water connections. We will also ensure the installation of the correct valves & backflow prevention devices The routine preventive maintenance programs we have in place will keep your business operating at maximum efficiency and prevent costly shutdowns.

Backflow Installation & Protection Services

IFM can conduct backflow testing and reporting for your company to remain compliant. Our plumber can conduct testing on your backflow device to identify any issues with the device and replace valves and other parts necessary for correct operation. We will also complete & submit all necessary Water Corporation test reports and plumbing licencing certification.


Drainage alterations, blockages & repairs

At IFM we take great pride in our innovative drainage solutions. We ensure that your system is fully compliant with Government and legal requirements, easy to maintain with easy access if maintenance is required. IFM will work with you on planning, installation and maintenance of your drainage system.IFM have all the tools and expertise to quickly free up blocked drains we have access to high pressure jetting equipment and standard drain machines. We can also help you redesign your drainage system to reduce the risk of future blockages and implement preventive maintenance programs.

Poly Welding

IFM offer the following poly welding services; Pipe Line Installation, Buttfusion, Electrofusion & Extrusion Welding, Customised Fabrication from sheet form (cut/roll/bend/weld) and on-site repairs and maintenance


Safety Showers & Eyewash Sations

IFM Group can design supply and install safety showers and eyewash stations in accordance with AS 4775-2007 for Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment".  Plumbed Emergency eyewash and/or shower stations shall be connected to potable water in accordance with AS 4775. We can offer you a tailored testing, tagging, maintenance and inspection program, complete with a maintenance schedule. IFM will ensure the emergency shower and/or eyewash stations are inspected and compliant issuing your company with fault testing reports. We can also provide the appropriate signage and arrange for installation and connection of the appropriate lighting.

Sewer & Waste Management

We design and construct Environmental Waste Treatment Services for traffic or non traffic able applications. We have extensive experience adding submersible overflow systems and conduct maintenance pumping services. IFM can offer Sewer Conversions, converting from septic to mains sewer and will find the best solution and cost-effective way for you to switch with little impact on your property. We offer ATU Septic Servicing & Installation and can size design and install a waste management system to comply with all shire and legal requirements.

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Fire Services

Don’t get caught out, we can make sure you are compliant with your fire services needs and requirements, we can supply, install test and maintain all aspects of your fire service systems.

Other Plumbing Services

In addition to the list above IFM offer the following plumbing services: Scheme water mains, Process Piping, Effluent and sullage Pump lines, Cooling water lines, Industrial maintenance and installations, Broken/burst pipe repairs (24 hour), Service location reporting, Fixture, Pipe Laying, Tapware installation and maintenance, Sanitary installation and maintenance, Hot water unit installation and maintenance/testing

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