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Building Services

At IFM we have an experienced Building & Carpentry team with over 30+ years of industry experience. IFM will ensure your building alteration, fit out and maintenace is of the best quality and done in a timely manner.

Electrical Services

IFM has an experienced team of electricians ready to tackle your project whether its big or small. From Led lighting upgrades, full site compliance checks to wiring a new machine, we have you covered. IFM Group’s Electricians have the knowledge and expertise to ensure all jobs are completed in a timely and tidy manner, complying with all standards and regulations.


Industrial Plumbing

PL7638 - IFM have a diverse plumbing division and over 30+ years combined industry experience. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure all jobs are completed on time first time, complying with all safety regulation and industry standards.

Civil Services

At IFM Group we provide comprehensive earthwork services for commercial and industrial projects. We have extensive knowledge of civil building methodology, materials engineering and industry standards and can recommend a variety of materials to suit your particular needs.


Team Integration

We can supply both skilled and unskilled labour, for daily or ongoing works. All our employees have completed their Construction Safety Awareness training and have high understanding and standards regarding Work Health and Safety.

Health Services

At IFM we are proud to partner with industry leading health professionals in the development of our healthy work life (HWL)  program. We have seen the benefits the program has had on our clients and own employees’ health, efficiency, productivity as well as assisting in workplace health and safety and injury prevention.

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